Bearsleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Seven!

This week has been an awesome one in the world of comics as the publishers prepare for the final quarter of the year, leading with some amazing material. DC have come out swinging with Batman Annual Four, Superman Issue Forty Four and Justice League Issue Forty Four. At the same time, Marvel have some great stuff out on the shelves, clearing the slate for the all-new and all-different line starting next week. To round out my picks this week I picked up Rick and Morty Issue Six which Rickety Rickety Rocks!

All Images, unless otherwise sourced, are screen shots taken the Marvel and DC comics apps [Accessed: 01/10/2015]

BearSleuth Pick Of The Week: Batman Annual Issue Four By James Tynion IV and Roge Antonio


Snyder may have been doing an amazing job on the Batman series, but James Tynion IV’s has created a brilliant Dark Knight storyline in Batman Annual Issue Four. In this short graphic novel, Tynion explores the current Bruce Wayne’s feeling about his past as he is forced to deal with his past villains. As strong as the story is, it is definitely enhanced by Antonio’s artwork which is stunning. Tynion and Antonio’s one-two punch of story and style, makes this piece the Bearsleuth pick of the week! I highly recommend this piece to any Batman fans out there.

Captain America: White Issue Two By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale


After the stunning issue one, Loeb and Sale had a lot to live up to in Captain America: White Issue Two. Loeb really pushes himself with the story mechanics, getting deep into the head of Steve Rogers, which will put a smile on any readers face. The art work is still hit and miss from Sale but it is slowly improving. I recommend this series to any fans of Captain America and his history.

E For Extinction Issue Four By Chris Burnham and Ramon Villalobos


Grant Morrison’s X-Men run was one of the most psychedelic eras in the entirety of the super teams history. However, Burnham is even more of a madman than Morrison, the E for Extinction arc has got weirder and weirder.  This insanity is perfectly supported by Villalobos’ artwork which has a sketchy, almost dreamlike, texture and feel to it. I highly recommend this piece to any fans of Morrison’s work.

Inferno Issue Five By Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron


Dungeons and Drangons meets mutants and sci-fi/fantasy in a beautiful combination that will satisfy any X-Men fans. Hopeless crafts an awesome piece, revolving around the relationship between Colossus and his younger sister, it’s balls-out fun with little depth, but that’s okay. Garron’s art is fairly standard  by all accounts, but given the range of subjects he is working with that’s a fair decision. I advise any X-Men and fantasy fans to pick this one up.

Justice League Issue Forty Four By Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok


The thing I love about the Justice League is that it’s always so epic, the Avengers work more like a paramilitary force where as the Justice League are Gods. Johns’ has ran with this idea by putting the Justice League in a situation where they are far out of their depth, with Johns’ fast paced style he is able to cover a lot of character moments very quickly giving two levels of focus. Coupled with Fabok’s artwork, the team have produced something that is a treat for any Justice League fan.

Rick And Morty Issue Six By Zac Gorman and Andrew Maclean


Picture Source: [Accessed: 01/10/2015]

Rick and Morty is both a great TV show and comic book, but what happens when the writers take the focus away from Rick and Morty and instead follow some background characters? The sixth issue looks at a small team, referenced in the TV series, and Gorman does a great job at creating a fun short story that uses the small teams to maximum comedic potential. Maclean’s artwork does a good job keeping up with Gorman and together they make a piece that is fun for fans of the series but maybe isn’t worth picking up for others.

Superman Issue Forty Four By Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr.


I’ve adored the new run of Superman, it’s felt like a fresh and interesting take on the character, so not liking Issue Forty Four puts me in a slightly tough position. Yang has decided to go with a slightly self contained plot that essentially comprises of Superman beating up a bunch of villains and realising he complications of his new life style. Romita Jr’s work on the book still continues to be unique but it’s not exactly for me. I think you might want to pick this book up if your interested in the current Superman series but if not then leave it on the shelves.

X-Men ’92 Issue Four By Chris Sims and Scott Koblish


Working with the censorship angle was a brilliant idea from Chris Sims in X-Men ’92, it was a constant bugbear of the original to series as it resulted in Wolverine and other characters behaving out of character. Koblish has done a great job to recreate the feeling of the original series and eventuate the positive attribute of Sims’ story, which is very interesting. I fully recommend this to fans of the original X-Men series.

….and that’s this weeks Bearsleuth spoiler free comic book bundle! Check back on Monday for another great Grr(aphic) Mondays!

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