BearSleuth Opinion: Marvel Needs A New Illuminati!


Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
Back in the days of Marvel’s Civil War readers were presented with one of the most interesting superhero teams of all time, the Illuminati. comprising of the intellectual leaders of the various teams and races of the Marvel Universe; Professor X, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Mr Fantastic, Iron Man and Namor. The team were magnificent, dealing with threats behind the scenes that required choices that no one team could be expected to make. In a lot of cases, the teams interference lead on to larger problems, such as the Secret Invasion and Marvel’s Secret Wars. However, now that the Marvel Universe is changing into something all-new and all-different, it looks like we might be losing the illuminati. 

Picture Source:  [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
In the run up to Secret Wars, the Illuminati’s line-up changed greatly, with Beast replacing Professor X and Captain America making a brief appearance. In the all-new, all-different universe there seems to be no Mr Fantastic or Professor X and the roles of other heroes appear to be greatly diminished. I have whipped up a roster for a new Illuminati that I think could take the all-new, all-different universe by storm:

Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
Frankly, the mutants need representation, there’s not many left now so they need some one who can put them first in a room with such large egos and intellects. Also Magneto is a strong warrior, capable of dealing with cosmic threats.
Black Bolt, Dr. Strange and Namor

Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
Each of these heroes proved time and again why they deserved to be members of the Illuminati. The heroes represent each of their own areas of the Marvel universe well, they would be required for the team.

Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
With Tony Stark being an arrogant ass, Spider-Man could make a great replacement for Iron Man as the teams technological expert and leader.

Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]
The team was always focused on earth, but in truth they needed to have a vision over the entirety of reality. Now that Gamora has been exposed to the Black Vortex, she could act as a forward scout for the team in space. 

Picture Source: [Accessed: 29/09/2015]

All in all, this team could be a lot of fun to read about and would fill the hole left by the old illuminati. But what do you think? Do you agree with my team or would you have a different line up? Hit me in the comments section with your thoughts!
…and that’s the BearSleuth Opinion piece this week! Check back on Friday for another BearSleuth Comic Book Bundle Review!

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