BearSleuth Opinion: Updates, Scheduling And why Marvel Hates Us.

Before I get into what is probably going to be a passionate little rant, I need to get some things straight. I’m getting really sick of the comic book release schedule and I know I can’t be the only one there who feels this way. One week we have a whole feast of great titles then the next week it’s a famine with only Deadpool vs Thanos to give us any respite. From that all too subtle hint you might be able to detect that I have categorised this week in comic books as a ‘famine’, in fact it’s so bad I have decided that there were only four issues I could be bothered picking up. So this week’s comic book bundle will instead consist of the graphic novels I bought with my student loan, which were pretty good choices, if I do say so myself. This problem with scheduling brings me onto another point, Marvel, you and me need to talk!


Picture Source: [Accessed: 23/09/2015]

For those who don’t religiously follow the industry, Marvel have been acting out a little recently with Secret Wars. They have decided to extend the event by a single issue, for some godforsaken reason, which has resulted in a complete scheduling collapse, scattering comics that were meant to come out in August all the way to October and November. It’s also created a mammoth gap between Issue Five and Six of  Secret Wars of almost two months. If that wasn’t bad enough, even though the event doesn’t end until December, the next stage of Marvel ‘All-New, All-Different’ is set to hit stores in two weeks. This means that no one is going to fully understand the soft reboot as we won’t have read the full event explaining it. Essentially Marvel have messed up.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 23/09/2015]

As a hardcore fan and comics journalist, I am going to be read and reporting on both All-New All-Different and Secret Wars but I expect this event is probably going to cause some big problems for Marvel’s sales as no one will have any idea what’s going on. I think the biggest problem came when Marvel decided to add an extra issue to the summer event, changing Secret Wars from an eight issue series to a nine issue series. To my knowledge, this is a very rare occurrence in the industry, especially on such a huge property. It would have been like Joss Whedon recalling Avengers: Age Of Ultron so he could add on an extra twenty minutes in and charge everyone 50p more, but it never would happen in the film industry. The fact is, if something like that happened in the film industry it would kill a film, as the public simply wouldn’t take it. This is what really makes me angry as it feels like Marvel are abusing their fan base.


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Bring in the recent mistreatment of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and it’s easy to see that, while the writers might care, the C.E.Os and business-minded people over at Marvel do not give a damn about their readership. The Marvel films have been amazing, but they are having a negative impact on the publishing house, allowing them to get away with sloppy business practices and, frankly, sub-par storylines. So before you pick up your next ‘All-New All-Different’ issue of Captain America or Iron Man, think about whether you would be buying it if you hadn’t seen he films. If your only buying it to hear Robert Downey Jr. in your head, maybe wait for someone like me to give I a review first.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 23/09/2015]

…that’s this week’s BearSleuth Opinion, hope you liked it! Next week BearSleuth contest will return, so look out for that on the Facebook page, and check back on Friday for a new BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle with a twist!

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