BearSleuth Contest: You are given the money to turn a game or gaming franchise into a film! What film would you make?

Assassin’s Creed may indeed prove to be one of the great gaming films of all time but it has just as much chance of flopping harder that Prince of Persia after a Hitman marathon. It seems to have become a rule in the pop culture community that films about games don’t work and game about films just plain suck. In this week’s BearSleuth Contest I wanted to challenge you guys to really think about how we can fix this problem and came up with some amazing answers!


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BearSleuth Contest Winner: Melissa Hale


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The Legend of Zelda franchise would make a wonderful film. Now obviously they would struggle to include the plethora of timelines and ‘worlds’ in one film, so if I had to pick just one of the many series titles from the Legend of Zelda universe it would be Majora’s Mask. The utterly creepy, yet fantastical world of Termina would make an exquisite backdrop to tell the hero of times chronicle as he searches for his lost companion and stumbles upon a wicked plot to crash the moon into the earth in just three days time. Also the visuals would be dark, creepy and fantastical, in a Burton-esq way. Damn, now I want this to be a thing.

BearSleuth Runner Up: Sam Lucas


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It’s incredibly hard to think of a game franchise that could be turned into film and succeed. Most have tried and been unsuccessful. I think a movie based on the Tomb Raider reboot would be amazing with better casting than the first attempt. For something that hadn’t already been tried I would say the Elder scrolls series but it would turn out crap and cheesy no doubt. So my money is on Grand Theft Auto. It would have a kind of Fast and Furious feel but it would be more gritty, more violent, less cheesy, and more funny. If they capture the satire of the series well. It would appeal more to a mature audience so I’d say it would be an 18 but 12 year olds would buy it on DVD just like they do the games. Also the mum-hate and Daily Mail scaremongering about the film would give it such great publicity that everyone that isn’t a middle/upper class Daily Mail reading mother will see it.

The Sleuth’s opinion:


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I have actually been think about this for some time and I think a lot of companies make the mistake of re-treading storylines the gaming community already know about. It would probably be better to have a go at something we really know little about, a world the gaming community has only seen bits of. How about Bloodborne? I mean we all love gritty and dark super hero films right? Of course we do! With all the gothic architecture and lovecraftian mythos we could get an amazing horror/action adventure along the same lines as VanHelsing. With the character creation aspect of the Bloodborne games and the set up of alternate worlds with the spirt and bell systems it would be very easy to create a new and engaging protagonist played by any strong actor or actress. That’s right, We could have female protagonist, which would be refreshing, especially for a gaming property. As for a narrative it would just be nice to get a better feeling for the lore and the world so maybe it could be about the hero hunting a great one or just dying a lot…

If a studio wants to work on a more established property (like Halo, Mario or Metal Gear Solid for example) then I think the key is originally with slight reference. Think about the Marvel films, they deal with a vast fan base and an epic amount of source material. Avengers succeeded by feeling fresh and original with some nice moments that paid lip service to source material. If we ever get a Mario film it needs to feel like the next chapter in the plumbers mythos not a tired re-tread of Super Mario Sunshine! That’s how the games have been doing it for years and it’s worked out okay, studios need to start accepting that games and their plot lines are well known and an audience can be expected to know the origins. Also if the audience doesn’t know anything there’s always Wikipedia.

…and that’s another BearSleuth Contest, hope you enjoyed it! Please follow BearSleuth on Facebook if you want a chance to join in the next contest starting this Sunday! Also check back on Friday for this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle! 

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