Grr(aphic) Monday’s: Star Wars and Creating Memorable Technology


Picture Source: [Accessed: 30/08/2015]

What makes a lightsabers so freaking cool? I mean it’s a sword made out of light, it’s got few others uses than as a weapon, it’s not going to solve world hunger and I doubt it’s capable of curing cancer. There is an art to creating memorable and amazing technology, George Lucas and his design team where great at this. Really it all just boils down to a very simple process, as Rodney Copperbottom said in the film robots ‘see a need, fill a need’. Just look at the world around you and think about how life could be made easier or even just think about what you would need to create the life you have now in space or in the environment of for story.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 30/08/2015]

Don’t limit yourself just to filling new needs either, if there is a superpower in a comic book or even an appliance that fills a need around your home then try and think of a new technology that could fill that need. Also think about the fantasy genre, think about how characters would deal with situation in that genre, if characters would use a spell think of a device that could replicate the outcome of the spell, if characters would interact with a magical creature design an alien creature. Creating memorable technology is easy but there are some more advanced concepts you need to master to make truly brilliant pieces of technology.


Picture: [Accessed: 30/08/2015]

Elegance in design comes about not when there is nothing left to add but instead when there is nothing left to take away. Sketch out designs for you new technology and try to think about how you would improve the design, what would you strip away? What are the important parts? And what could you improve to make your device better at its purpose? This can create a history for your technology that makes for good universe fluff when your trying to make your world come to life. Finally, the most important thing to do when designing technology is to make it fun. Make technology that uses cool things like lasers, gases, holograms and telekinesis. Think outside the box and before you know it you’ll be designing a holographic picture frame with smell-o-vision that plays hypersonic punk music and can literally blow your mind!

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