BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle Week Three

This week Marvel dominated the comic book selves with some amazing titles including Old Man Logan Issue Four, Civil War Issue Three and Lando Issue Three. I was spoiled for choice when putting my bundle together on Wednesday, Superman Issue Forty Three was a must but that still left me with four slots to fill So I decided to just picked some titles that really interested me like Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Issue Four, Marvel Zombies Issue Three and X-Men ’92 Issue Three. This left me with a final slot that could only be filled by Hank Johnson Agent Of Hydra which seemed to call to me as I gazed upon it, as though some mystical force drew me to it…


All Screenshots are taken from the Marvel Comics and DC Comics Apps [Accessed: 27/08/2015]

Civil War Issue Three By Charles Soule and Leinil Francis Yu


There really are no words to explain how fantastic this series is, if you have read Mark Miller’s original storyline then this fantastic Secret Wars tie-in is the one for you. In this issue, Charles Soule continues to write in more brilliant character concepts including this universes versions of Doctor Octopus and Speedball. The drama escalates as key figures die and we see how the war has turned even the greatest heroes in darker versions of themselves. Special mention has to go to a scene between Tony Stark and Bucky as Bucky explains why he stood by Tony instead of Steve. As a supporter of Captain America’s side of the conflict it did cause me to think about my own views on the Civil War storyline. I highly recommend this issue and the entire series as both are well worth any comic fans time.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Issue Four By Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli


Secret Wars has shook everything up in the Marvel Universe and this no more evident than in this weeks final issue of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars as the ‘Merc With A Mouth’ reveals his inner pain and the reasons why he doesn’t work well in a larger team. Even then, the issue is hilarious and contains many great jibes by Bunn at the original Secret War storyline. I’ve said this every week and I’ll say it again, Lolli’s artwork makes the perfect call back to the original Secret War series with some small details that make that true fans will recognise. I highly recommend this series to long term comic book fans.

BearSleuth Pick of the Week: Hank Johnson Agent of Hydra Issue One By David Mandel and Michael Walsh


Some of the best work in Marvel Universe has come from exploring the lives of everyday citizens, Marvels by Kurk Busiek and Alex Ross springs to mind but there are many others. This is probably because these are the people we can relate to the most and so seeing super heroes through their eyes makes them seem all the more interesting. David Mandel has created a brilliant character in Hank Johnson Agent of Hydra as he is just an average guy dealing with bills, children and boss he hates. In this one-shot issue we see a week in the life of Hank, filled with a sense of depression and hardship, this creates a great comedic juxtaposition that makes the piece stand out from the others like it. Michael Walsh works well here to support the writing using a style that is cartoony yet filled with enough detail to give a sense of realism. I highly recommend picking up this issue if at all possible.

Lando Issue Three By Charles Soule and Alex Maleev


The Marvel Star Wars series has been setting a groundbreaking trend, creating storylines that feel fresh with characters that are close to every great geek’s heart. In Lando Issue Three this trend continues as Lando and his team deal with a new threat on their stolen starship, Soule creates great dialog in this issue that turns a lot of expository scenes into funny or interesting interactions. Maleev also does a good job in making the ship feel opulent with subtle shifts in colour and texture. There is a surprise reveal towards the end of the issue which I enjoyed, setting the series in a new direction. I highly recommend this series to any fans of Star Wars.

Marvel Zombies Issue Three By Simon Spurrier and Kev Walker


It really is not Deadpool’s week is it? First Secret Secret Wars and now we find the ‘Merc With A Mouth’ in one of the most horrible situations imaginable. Marvel Zombies Issue Three begins to draw the story to a close as we see where the story arc is going. I really like Elisa Bloodstone and her arc is fantastic, making her one of the freshest and most dynamic Marvel characters in the Secret Wars storyline. Kev Walker does a pretty mediocre job across the entire issue which allows the strong writing and characters to stand out. I highly recommend this to fans of female protagonist storylines.

Old Man Logan Issue Four By Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino


Wolverine trapped in a land where everyone and everything wants him dead, there is nothing better in the world. In Old Man Logan Issue Four we see what happens when an older more experienced Wolverine has to become a survivor. It’s gritty, brutal and harsh in a way that makes every page drip with tension, Bendis always knows what he’s doing but here in particular he is pulling out all the stops creating something that will go down in Marvel history as on of the greatest Wolverine storylines. Were it not for Hank Johnson Agent Of Hydra this book would have easily taken pick of the week. I also have to give special mention to Andrea Sorrentino and his brilliant work on the innovative panel structure towards the beginning of this issue. This is a fantastic series, well worth both your time and money.

Superman Issue Forty Three By Gene Luen Yan and John Romita Jr.


I hated New 52 Superman (and Action Comics for that matter), there were no stakes and almost nothing of value when it came to plotting and story structure. With this new story arc Gene Luen Yan has brought me back into the world of the Man Of Steel, and it rocks. Superman has been reduced in power, putting him around the same level as Wonder Woman or Aquaman and this is perfect. Each battle has weight to it and there is a feeling that each new encounter could break Superman. I’ve rarely enjoyed Romita Jr.’s artwork but in context it works well, making enemies look more threatening and angular. I highly recommend this issue to anyone who hates the normal Superman storylines.

X-Men ’92 Issue Three By Chris Sims and Scott Koblish


Wolverine did almost nothing in the original X-Men Saturday morning cartoon, this was mostly because it was very hard for him to use his claws without being censored. In X-Men ’92 we see that philosophy taken to its natural conclusion, as Cassandra Nova attempts to create a further censored version of the X-Men by refining the team into a ‘stepford wives’ version of themselves. In response to this, the X-Men enlist the help of a team who would have never made it past the censors in 1992. Normally I don’t like to talk about the plot too much, for fear of spoiling anything but in this case I hope you agree the plot alone sells the book. Chris Sims has managed to create a meta-concept that makes the series really stand out. I highly recommend this to any fans of he original series.

…and that’s this week’s BearSleuth Spoiler Free Comic Book Bundle! Check back on Monday for another amazing Grr(aphic) Monday’s and as always please like, share and follow!

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