BearSleuth Contest: Which Is a The Best Star Wars Film?

I think we can all agree that the Star Wars films make a pretty good hexology of films. There are some weak points in the series however, everyone seems to have different ideas on the best and worst of the franchise. With the new film just around the corner I thought it was time to put it to the BearSleuth fans with this weeks BearSleuth Contest.
star wars saga
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BearSleuth Contest Winner: Ollie Peat

I think critically episode 5 was the best for shear story and plot. The plot was well balanced, referring to both action scenes as well as genuine Star Wars references. The scene with Yoda and Luke was great to show the transformation between “old” Luke and “new Luke”. However the fantastic part of this episode is the ironic development of lukes friendship, and mentoring with Yoda, and the contrast of the fantastic scene between Han and Lando…
But I do like episode 6 just because Luke goes ham on all den bitches at the start. To explain what I mean by that contrast of scene and characters you get to see Luke with a brand new character of whom creates him into the jedi he’s meant to be. Contrastingly you see the scene of Lando and Han, who are meant to be great friends…until Vader walks in and states otherwise. Whats not to love about that.

BearSleuth Contest Dishonourable Mention: Sam Lucas

Episode One because Jaja Binks just made that film.

The Sleuth’s Opinion:

This is a complex and nuanced issue, there is an argument for the prequel being some of the strongest films but at argument is made by contentious toss pots. No, I am afraid that none of the prequels even entered into my deliberations as although they had their good points each one fails to deliver due to a reliance on computer generated effects and a clunky narrative. That halves my choices but also leaves me with some tough decisions. I’m afraid I can’t give it to Return of the Jedi as the second act is too weak and I find everything that happens on Endor to be a little too silly. The Empire Strike back is a close second as it does have my favourite sequence in any Star Wars film with the battle on Hoth but I’m going to have to be a traditionalist and say that my favourite Star Wars film is a New Hope.
Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope is a triumph of writing, directing and acting with a simple plot that is fun and face paced. Each actor really plays into the typical archetypes of a fantasy movie and makes it their own. Every plant is payed off and each line is elegant and memorable. It has to be noted as well that the pacing is perfect in this film as we their is a constant sense of building tension and great things to come as we go from a moisture farm on Tatooine all to way to a back against a moon-sized battle station. It’s my sincere hope that J.J Abraham’s has studied this plot and it’ conception in his attempt to create the next part of the Star Wars legacy.
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