What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

This week has been insane on Battleworld with some fantastic stories and epic battles! With eleven releases this week, and some huge storylines, it’s going to be pretty tough on your wallet to get them all. That’s why I’m here to read everything Secret Wars and tell you what’s worth your time and money.

All images are screenshots taken from the Marvel Comics app [Accessed: 06/08/2015]

Age of Apocalypse Issue Two


This week we start with a bit of an average issue. I’m not sure whether it’s because I didn’t follow the original storyline or if it’s just a little too hyper extreme and nineties for my taste but Age of Apocalypse just feels weak. It seems quite similar to the Future Imperfect book as both are dealing with an alternate reality and a rebellion however Age of Apocalypse just doesn’t feel as fresh and different. The art style, however, seems like a good call back to he original saga and is pretty unique. There’s a lot better issues out this week but if your a fan of the Age of Apocalypse then maybe this is the one for you.

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Issue Three


Now we get to the good stuff, right from the outset Renew Your Vows has displayed a side of Peter Parker stronger and more deadly than ever before. With aspects of J. Micheal Stratinkski’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and the writing from the witty Dan Slott this is a treat for any fans of the friendly neighbourhood wall crawler. This isn’t your normal Spider-Man story so prepare to see something new and different, especially in he ways he deals with his enemies. The art is fairly consistent throughout but does little to ‘wow’ me in this issue. I recommend this to any Spidey fans or any one who likes to see heroes pushed to their limits.

Civil War Issue Two


This series feels like the perfect continuation of Mark Millar’s original series. The art and writing is so strong through out I am happy to say it may be one of the greatest pieces to come out of the Civil War storyline. Issue Two drops some of the pacing of Issue One in an attempt to further set up for later issues but there are enough interesting ideas and tense conversations to keep you glued. I highly recommend this series to any comic book fans and this issue isn’t any different.

Future Imperfect Issue Four


As I mentioned in the Age of Apocalypse review Future Imperfect is fresh and fun with a lot of interesting ideas that combine characters from all over the Marvel Universe in new and unexpected ways. The character of the Maestro is intriguing, especially as I haven’t read the Future Imperfect storyline. If the series has a draw back it may be the art style which can lose focus and definition on some background elements. I recommend this series to anyone following the main Secret Wars series or looking for something fresh.

Little Avengers vs X-Men Issue Three


Every time I see this series I hear the theme tune from happy tree friends, I can’t help it, the bright colours and the violence just reminds be of squirrels and other forest animals attacking each other with a variety of power tools. I have throughly enjoyed this series from the very beginning as Skottie Young has proven his love for almost ever Avenger and X-Men with a lot of back ground references fans will love. I especially love the inclusion of the little Guardians to the series which is a great little treat for fans. I highly recommend this to any fans of the X-Men or the Avengers who have ever laughed at a Tom and Jerry cartoon!

Guardians of Knowhere Issue Two


I like the Guardians of the Galaxy and I love Knowhere as a setting. This series has a strong feeling of the current Marvel Star Wars series, with combination of great characters and fun settings. Issue Two take a look at the main villain of the series as we see him gain cosmic powers and abilities making him a threat big enough for the entire team. I recommend this to Guardians fans and anyone who thinks ‘Knowhere’ is a cool name for a place.

The Infinity Gauntlet Issue Three


The Walking Dead with aliens. It’s as simple as that. The Infinity Gauntlet series has run as a tight focus character piece with some hints to intergalactic and cosmic shenanigans going on in the background. In Issue Three Thanos jumps out of the background and becomes part of the main storyline giving everything more of a cosmic and epic feel. It’s a natural progression for the series and makes for something that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic sci-fi stories.

Red Skull Issue Two


Magneto and the Red Skull, a survivor of the concentration camps forced to work with a nazi fanatic. With an amazing art style throughout and great character interactions throughout Red Skull is a great piece. It’s often said that Marvel don’t have very many good villains but here we see two of the best together in a way that could rival any other Marvel storyline. I highly recommend it to any fans of storylines centred around villains.

Siege Issue Two


Abigail Brand is amazing, she deserves a place in the Marvel universe as one of the strongest and most iconic super heroes. Siege examines what it’s like to be trapped in a never ending war with no chances of winning. There is a running theme of everyone trying to get by and that every battle could be the one that the defenders of the Shield lose. There are parallels to be drawn between this series and the Wall in Game of Thrones so if your a fan of the watchers on the wall then this is the one for you.

Spider Island Issue Two


Marvel has a proud history of horror comics and thrilling tales, at times it has moved away from these stories, it’s nice to see those themes appearing in a major title. Following Venom as he leads a resistance against the Spider Queen, Spider Island is a fun action packed but with a great little B-story in the the last few pages. I recommend this to both Spider-Man fans and anyone who wants to see what happens when you combine Captain America and a Werewolf.

Ultimate End Issue Four


As we come to the end of this review-aphon, it looks like I might have saved the best to last. Ultimate End Issue Four sees the events of the previous issue come to a head with a war breaking out between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. The artwork is pretty detailed, making crowd scenes interesting as every character is always striking a dynamic and interesting pose. I recommend this to fans of the Ultimate series or to fans of brawls between super heroes.

…and I am done! Hopefully these reviews will help you make the right choices to make the most of Secret Wars. Check back on Monday for another Grr(aphic) Mondays and look on the BearSleuth Facebook page for more information on BearSleuth contests!

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