BearSleuth Opinion Piece: My happy place…The Northern Quarter and Affleck’s Palace

I have decided to move BearSleuth contest to a bi-weekly thing this week because I miss having the opportunity just to write about whatever I want and throw it into the world via this fine website. This week I want to talk about my happy place, the place that I can go no matter what and have a huge grin on my face. Everyone has a happy place right? I know it sounds like a cute little concept but there is a place for everyone and there are places that we naturally form a bond with. Maybe it’s because of a memory or a particular ambiance but somehow places make us fall in love with them in a way nothing else can. Some places are master mistresses tempting you in with beautiful scenery and gorgeous sensory delights, my happy place is not one of these. My happy place, if personified, would probably look a little bit like this…

Picture Source: [Accessed: 05/08/2015]


Beautiful, punk, cute and brilliant. I speak of course of Manchester’s amazing Northern Quarter. It’s a hard place to describe if you haven’t been there but essentially it’s what happens when a bunch of Northern artists get together and claim a part of a city as their own. The street signs are mosaics and almost every wall is covered in the most amazing artistic graffiti I have ever seen. Every door and shop leads into a new world that is odd, fascinating and captivating. In the centre of all of it squats Affleck’s Palace which may be one of the great buildings I have ever set foot in and my happy place.


Picture Source: [Accessed: 05/08/2015]


Affleck’s Palace, a weird combination of indoor market and teenage expression. It’s a converted Victorian era building filled with shops that specialise in everything from steampunk gadgets to vintage arcade games. The leases on the stalls are relatively short so there is a constantly changing array of different artists, collectors and entrepreneurs specialising in everything that is different, strange and wonderful in the world. There is no truer visual representation of the Northern Quarter spirt than within the walls of Affleck’s palace. There is no place I feel more at home, relaxed and happy than when I am sitting in the cafe at the top of Affleck’s with a few mates after a ramble around the comic book sellers and a game of the classic arcade machines. That’s my happy place, what’s yours? 


Thanks for taking the time to read my rant about the Northern Quarter and Affleck’s palace. Check back on Friday for a run down on everything Secret Wars and keep an eye out for more Sleuth tweets and Facebook posts!  

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