Grr(aphic) Mondays: Textual Intervention and Star Wars

Have you ever wanted to write something in the Star Wars universe? Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a Jedi who hides from the Empire by becoming a bounty hunter or you like the Jawas so you want to do a whole epic trilogy about them, so what’s stopping you? Well you don’t work for Disney, and your never going to get the rights to do it, right? Wrong. Two words are going to change your life, textual intervention. It’s a technique writers use all the time and it’s a very easy way to get writing about something your passionate about. This applies to script writers, novelists and even poets. Take a look at this:

Picture Source:×627.png [Accessed: 03/08/2015]
If your any sort of Star Wars fan you probably know about this collection, it’s turned into one of the big nerd gifts to get anyone who ever tried to strangle their friends using only the force. The authors of this series have simply taken Star Wars and have turned it into a script written with a Shakespearian style, this is textual intervention. In it’s simplest terms, textual intervention is the process of taking another intellectual property and warping it until it becomes an original idea. It’s an inspirational process not a criminal one, so you can’t just take a novel from the Star Wars Universe slap your name on it and throw it out into the world hoping to get a million pounds. Your more likely to get sued for a million if you go down that route. 
Picture Source: [Accessed:03/08/2015]
Let’s take the Jedi example I used earlier, the first step is to distill that idea into it’s core concepts, it’s about a space wizard working for hire to hide from a group that killed his mystic order. How can I change that to make it less Star Wars and more my own story, an easy way would be to put it in a fantasy setting but personally I like the space aspect. What if the space wizard was just that, a wizard and his order had discovered some sort of magic that had been long forgotten and the things that wanted him dead were daemons conjured to defend stop the study of that magic. What if the bounty hunters were also interested in the new magical power source and the wizard joined them to keep them away from it’s power to save them? What if the story was told though a journal the wizard laws keeping on his travels and towards the end some of the pages had been scribbled out to prevent the reader from learning the secrets of magic? All of this could still be set in space and there could even be a Han Solo like character who didn’t believe in magic. Then comes the hard bit.

Picture Source: [Accessed:03/08/2015]
Once you have an idea and a concept you have to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and get it written. As you go on your piece will become less and less like the source material that inspired it and more of your own work. No one wants to write something that already exists, it’s boring. Even if your working with something out of copyright, like Sherlock Holmes or Dracula, which allows you to use the same characters, you will find very quickly that you will make them behave slightly differently as you make them more you. This is a great way to get a piece written up and give you a fresh approach to your writing, if you trick yourself into thinking your writing something from Star Wars you will be surprised at how passionate your writing may become! 
…and that’s this weeks Grr(aphic) Monday’s, check back on Wednesday for the results of the BearSleuth contest which is Star Wars themed this week!

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