BearSleuth Contest: How would you assassinate a member of the Fantastic Four?

This week on the BearSleuth Facebook page you Sleuth readers out there were asked, if you had to assassinate a member of the Fantastic Four how would you do it? The responses where amazing and ranged from some pretty fun replies to some well thought out and methodical plans. Here’s the BearSleuth Contest winner and runner up.

BearSleuth Contest Winner: Nate Hall

Given the Invisible Woman turns herself invisible so she can’t be seen to the visible eye, I’d get some infrared specs. Or heat detection. Simple bits of gear that can detect ‘invisible’ objects. It seems counterproductive but it works well enough.

If not that, I’ve got a water cannon for Torch.

BearSleuth Contest Runner-Up: Sam Lucas

Aside from gamma irradiating myself to become the hulk (because that’s cheating) I would beat the Thing by digging a huge hole and lining it with concrete then filling it with custard. Then setting some sort of trap above it. He would be unable to swim because it’s custard and he’s made of rocks also the concrete and custard would prevent him digging out. He would then drown. 

In custard.


The Sleuths Opinion 

While both the contest winner and runner up have produced good assassination schemes I think any attempt to kill a member of the Fantastic Four will result in immediate retribution from the other team mates. First you need to break the family before killing any member. The easiest way to do this is to manipulate Johnny Storm by pointing out all the ways in which Reed Richards talks down to him and how little the scientist cares for his brother in law. This will create tension in the family that will build. 

Then comes the tricky but, through media manipulation you would need to create a scientific event where Johnny would be more of a hindrance, such as a new species of insect that produces a flammable gas. This would result in Johnny abandoning the team while they went off on a mission and it would give a window of opportunity to strike.

 The easiest way to kill the Human Torch would be a high calibre bullet from a snipers nest in New York City. He is a huge target when he’s flying making for an easy kill. If he is able to melt the bullet Johnny will rush into combat against any assassin. To combat the Human Torch simply use liquid nitrogen grenades while wearing insulated clothing until he’s frozen solid then it’s a case of hiding the body in a way Richards couldn’t find it, maybe by using an acid bath. That’s how I would assassinate a member of the Fantastic Four.


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Featured Image source: [Accessed: 29/07/2015]

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