What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

It’s actually been a quiet week in Battleworld with a mere six releases which feels like a holiday after the onslaught of the last few weeks. As always I have picked up a copy of everything Secret Wars and I have read them all to give you my recommendations on what to buy and what to steer clear of.

All pictures are screenshots taken from the Marvel Comics app [Accessed: 23/07/2015]

E For Extinction Issue Two

11755839_1783779835182005_65103711533676915_nGrant Morrison rocked the world of X-Men on his new X-Men run and a return to that insane world makes me so happy. The narrative is getting very interesting as the New X-Men team begins to reunite to deal with the problem of the Phoenix egg. The artwork throughout has a bizarre dreamlike feeling to it as though each panel is in a constant state of flux. I highly recommend this to any fans of the original Grant Morrison series and X-Men fans in general. I also have to say that the twist at the end really makes me want issue three as soon as possible!

Future Imperfect Issue Three

11742974_1783779815182007_1198530214156867894_nWhat if Hulk had the intelligence of Bruce Banner and was incredibly evil? What if it had been General Ross instead of Ben Grimm that had gone up into space and had become a part of the Thing? In the third instalment of one of the greatest series coming out of Secret Wars we get to see what happens when these two super titans begin to forge and alliance as they plot to kill the Doom. The artwork is a little sub standard but it’s still workable if a little flat. I highly recommend this series to any fans of the Hulk.

Marvel Zombies Issue Two

11745820_1783779785182010_2698312256692838723_nMarvel Zombies has a female lead. It doesn’t make a big deal of it but that’s what make it so amazing, Elsa Bloodstone might be my favourite character to come out of Secret Wars (okay maybe she is only equal to 1602 Daredevil but they are my joint favourites). Elsa is smart, witty and an absolute badass, she never feels like a token female character and instead fits into the universe. The plot revolves around Elsa leading a young boy back to safety through the zombie infested wastelands of Battleworld. The two bounce off each other very well and now Elsa’s backstory moulds her into a three-dimensional character who is easy to fall in love with. The art style is fairly average and occasionally breaks out into something a little more interesting with the various zombie designs. I highly recommend this one and personally I would love a to see more of this character.

Old Man Logan Issue Three

10982409_1783779755182013_343448565963274395_nFrom the outset this has been a very interesting series. Chronicling the journey of an alternate version of Wolverine as he crawls his way towards the main Marvel universe. Bendis is right at the peak of his career and his talented writing services the plot well making it both believable and fun for any fans of Secret Wars and Wolverine. What really sells the entire piece is the amazing art style that gives the piece a gritty and visceral edge. There’s a point where Logan turns up in Technopolis and both the writing and the art makes Technopolis look actually interesting, which it really hasn’t in the armour wars series. I highly recommend this series to all Marvel fans, particularly Wolverine fans.

Star Lord and Kitty Pride Issue One

11041115_1783779715182017_971358593968593311_nA lot of the Secret Wars books have really surprised me, going into Star Lord and Kitty Pride I was expecting something more of a romantic-comedy, instead I got the beginnings of an introspective action thriller. The piece follows Star Lord from the main Marvel universe after the events of Secret Wars number four and there is a little recap to get the ball rolling if your haven’t been following the main series. The art style is pretty standard through out but there are some nice visual references to other parts of the Battleworld that are fun if your following multiple series. I highly recommend this to fans of both the Secret Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Weirdworld Issue Two


Weirdworld doesn’t fit well with the rest of Secret Wars because it is…um…how to say it…IT’S REALLY FREAKING WEIRD. The second issue opens with our barbarian hero trying to escape Apelantis, an underwater kingdom ruled by ape men. I have to say Jason Aaron has done a great job of world building and everything seems to have a consistent tone I’m just not sure whether it should be tied into the rest of the Secret Wars storyline as it doesn’t seem very related at all and the small bit that tie it in feel a little tacked on. I highly recommend Weirdworld to fans of fantasy stories looking for something new.

This week was a nice and relaxed week for Secret Wars but it looks like its about to get crazy again next week. Check back here on Monday for another Grr(aphic) Mondays and look on the BearSleuth Facebook page for your chance to get your thoughts on the site!

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