BearSleuth Contest: Who Would Win: The Forces of Hyrule vs The Forces of The Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo is a house divided, Link threw one of his giant pots out of a window and it killed one of the Toads now the forces of the Mushroom Kingdom march to war against the forces of Hyrule. They meet on the battle field, Mario looks Link dead in the eye and they know that only one of them will walk away from this battle. Who do you think would win?

When I posed this question on the BearSleuth official Facebook page (which you can get to here) I was surprised to get such high quality answers. People had genuinely take the time to consider this fight and all the numerous games and lore that would have a bearing on it but one answer really stood out:

Winner: Nate Hall

I’d have to say the Kingdom of Hyrule. Whilst the Mushroom Kingdom has a wide array of Magical Items, wacky worlds and terrain that would benefit them if fought on, an innumerable amount of different species with different abilities, Hyrule has more to offer. Although it has less diverse lands as a whole, its main races are significantly more well-developed in what they do. The races individually have a better understanding of their lands and a highly developed culture and belief system, each has their own army dedicated to these ways with specialist training, each race has genuine champions and leaders from their race and are more proven in defying evil with the far wider array of villains who have attacked Hyrule in its history. I could further go on with Hyrule due to the power of the Ocarina and Tri-Force and the Masks, and that almost everything The Mushroom Kingdom has, Hyrule also has (what with unique species and items and such).

All in all, to generalize, Hyrule is just a more well-developed, synchronized, well-strengthened land with genuine armies and forces, compared to the mish-mash array The Mushroom Kingdom can offer.

The Sleuth’s Opinion

This one is a tough fight and I do agree with Mr.Hall that the forces of Hyrule will be well trained and have a strong structure that will make them a force to be reckoned with however, the mushroom kingdom is insane and they are going to mess those elf-wannabes right up. Picture the battlefield with hundreds of mushroom kingdom soldiers, each one jumping into a star before attacking making them indestructible berserkers. Link might be able to take some of them down but eventually he is going to be up to his next in indestructible mushroom men. However is Hyrule is able to make a truce with the forces of Ganondorf the Mushroom Kingdom may have a problem on their hands as some of the creatures Ganondorf has allied with could quite easily defeat the wacky and wonderful Mushroom Kingdom (even if they had help from Bowser).

My only other question here is where would the other Nintendo characters stand? Link has never properly allied himself with any other Nintendo character whilst we know that Yoshi and Donkey Kong would probably have Mario’s back. It’s hard to really guess where most characters allegiances lie but if the Mushroom Kingdom was going to win it would be through alliances and strength in numbers. Either way the battle would be epic and Mario would almost surely die, sending Luigi into a rage causing him to unleash every ghost he has ever captured in his hunted mansion turning the world of Nintendo into a hellish nightmare realm!

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Picture Source: [Accessed: 22/07/2015]

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