BearSleuth Contest: Who Would Win The Avengers or The Justice League

On Sunday BearSleuth Launched a competition on the BearSleuth Facebook Page asking people to give their opinions on who would win in a fight to the death, the Avengers or the Justice League and there were some pretty interesting responses. Here is the winner and the runner up, follow by my own personal opinion:


Winner: Ollie Peet

In terms of shear harmony both teams have expressed their ability to work well as a team but both have had their problems and separated on several occasions. Both have had large scale wars against one another (Kingdom come, Civil War) and both have highly OP members within their groups (Superman, Sentry, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Martian Manhunter, The Phoenix Force). However The Justice League have proved that the majority of the team are not balanced characters like the Avengers are. What this means is that the Avengers, whom are considered the most powerful, are certainly flawed individuals and their powers are only as powerful as they are for an allotted time before said individual hinders the team…The exception being the great Dr Strange (who could easily neutralise Superman). So therefore, in terms of super powers my vote goes to the JLA. Alternatively team work amounts to a lot. The Avengers have proved that despite their diverse background they work together, on a larger scale then DC, more efficiently.

There leader, Captain America, literally being a profound sign of heroism is even for other superheroes an interesting dynamic but definitely a kudos point for Marvel over DC. However ultimately the ridiculous amount of OP characters in DC outweigh the marvel alliance as well as how dysfunctional all teams within the marvel universe are. However just because the DC universe might win marginally due to things like; Superman’s ridiculous strength, Batman’s ability to potentially wield several items that would render the Avengers weak, Flash’s ability to literally reverse aspects of said fight or event, the community of the Justice League and how small it is ( thus connecting them all better) does not constitute to a “cooler team” and a team with more “character”.

Its also important to mention that the avengers have more to lose…. Family and friends wise. The emphasis on friends and families is far more exaggerated within Marvels Avengers then within the Justice League( again the exception might be the Bat Family). If need be the DC Universe arguably would end up being the “darker of the two teams” potentially resorting to family threats etc. There can be an argument after the volume “the Avengers Volume 1: Everything Dies” that the avengers might be the darker of the two teams and commit acts of evil in order to achieve there victory but I’m not convinced. Ultimately I’d say DC. But in truth, nobody knows.

Runner Up: Robb Davis

Nobody wins the war.
Skirmish or two, then we get THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AVENGERS…

 To face threats that The Avengers and JLA can’t handle alone.

The Sleuth’s opinion

It comes down to weaknesses at the end of the day. The Justice League have always been vulnerable to the point where Ra’s al Ghul was able to defeat them all with little resistance. Then it becomes a question of whether the Avengers can deal with the Justice League long enough to evaluate their weaknesses on this front I would say…maybe. Heroes like Doctor Strange, Hulk and Iron Man would be able to give the majority of JL members pause for thought. I doubt that the Avengers heavy hitters could stop the JL (especially if it’s backed by it’s entire extended roster) but it might give Beast, Black Panther and Mr. Fantastic time to create something to really mess them up. On the other hand Batman would be performing the same analysis on the Avengers, and they do have a massive weakness. They are cocky. Not all of them but Thor, Iron Man and even Spiderman could be defeated by playing up to their own hubris.

So them it turns into a races to analyse each others strengths and weaknesses, something I think the Avengers have proven themselves more adept at. In a final confrontation I believe the Avengers would have it, although the Justice League would go down swinging taking out as many Avengers as possible. That being said, I like to believe with great diplomats like Professor X and Martian Manhunter on both sides of the conflict there would be some form of peace created and each team could learn from each other, maybe even set up a summer exchange programme where the Avengers get Aquaman and the Justice League gets Namor.

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