BearSleuth Opinion Piece: After Arkham Knight where should Rocksteady go next?

After the cataclysmic events of Arkham Knight it seems that Rocksteady may have to move away from the Dark Knight for a while as the game was the end of the Arkham series. Of course, the ending was left ambiguous enough for Rocksteady to bring Batman back whenever they want. But what if they didn’t? What if this is the first time in a long time that a series just ends because it has finished telling the story it set out to tell? If Rocksteady play it smart this could be the perfect opportunity to work with another DC super hero…Wonder Woman.

I have read a lot of articles around this subject before writing this piece and I haven’t seen a single person suggest Wonder Woman for the next series of Rocksteady super hero games. The favourite seems to be Superman, I can understand why as well, with the Superman v Batman movie coming out next year it would be a great time to cash in on the Man of Steel. But it won’t work. Superman is too powerful to make a meaningful game out of, he can’t be forced down a hallway and the only he can lose his powers is through the use of Kryptonite. I don’t want a Lex Luthor vs Superman game, it’s been done too many times and I just don’t feel it could hold the same emotional weight that the Arkham games have, but a Wonder Woman game could.

Depending on what era of Wonder Woman you look at her powers have varied greatly. So what if we went back and looked at her origins, I mean very few people know much about Wonder Woman and she is also going to be appearing in Batman v Superman. Imagine playing as a younger Wonder Woman training her abilities on the island of the Amazonians, Themyscira. It would be the perfect sandbox, filled with ancient secrets and hint artefacts. The first few levels would see Diana going through her trials to become an Amazonian warrior, fighting mythical creatures and meeting with the goddess Athena. Then when she is fully trained as a warrior the villain is introduced. Atlantis.

Another popular choice for the next series of games, Aquaman could make a great ally in a Wonder Woman game. The armies of Atlantis could attempt to invade Themyscira and Wonder Woman could be sent to find the son of the Queen of Atlantis, a young man called Arthur Curry. Aquaman. I am aware that this would require two sandboxes but I think there are a lot of ways Rocksteady could handle this part of the story. Then a young Wonder Woman and a young Aquaman could team up to form a truce between Atlantis and Themyscira.

I know this is a long shot but I feel like the setting of Themyscira has so much potential, side quest could include relic hunting to discover more about the history of Atlantis and Themyscira, and quests from the gods. There could also be a scripted event in which America Air Force Pilot Steve Trevor crashes on the island and Diana saves him. This could start a chain of events that lead to Diana leaving the island at the end of the game. As for introspective moments of abstract gameplay, we are dealing with gods and monsters, anything is possible. There could be a scene with one of the Greek oracles in which Diana learns of a ‘man from the stars’ that will change the world forever and his name is…Martian Manhunter…*cough*…I mean…SUPERMAN!

Picture source for Wonder Woman Picture: [Accessed 8/07/2015]

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