What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

It has been an absolutely crazy week for both me and Marvel fans in general with the new post Secret Wars line-up announcements and the newest chapter of Hickman’s Secret Wars storyline. I have to say before  I start that this week was particularly good and is really worth the investment if you have the money. But if you have to make those all too hard decisions, here is my breakdown of Secret Wars this week:

All Pictures are screenshots from the Marvel Comics app [Accessed: 3/07/2015]

A-Force Issue Two

11659561_1775672049326117_5369716871357834509_nSo it seems like A-Force is here to stay and the Marvel Universe in general is beginning to balance out the split between Male and Female characters. I have to admit a do sometime find it a little hard to read comics from the big publishers when they feel like they are bending to the will of a social justice group or even the fan base as a whole but in the case of A-Force it works. I think the reason it really works is simply because the entire plot isn’t just about the characters being female. There is a web of intrigue and a general sense that the entire team is very capable but struggling due to political issues. The art throughout is really solid and the ending has left me ready and rearing for issue three. I recommend this to any Avengers fan and any fans of female characters.

Future Imperfect Issue Two


 Marvel played it smart here, Ben Grimm is not the Thing, it’s another character related to the Hulk and it really creates an interesting dynamic. The majority of the issue is a Thing vs Hulk bust up with both sides throwing everything they’ve got at each other. There is also the edition of one of my favourite X-Men characters towards the end of the issue which adds a little more depth and mystery to the story. The final twist is fantastic, although I’m really unsure as to where story will be going next I can’t wait to find out. I really recommend this to Hulk, Fantastic Four and X-Men fans.

Little Marvel Avengers vs X-Men Issue Two


Imagine Charlie Brown with superpowers. This may be my favourite series so far from the entirety of Secret Wars, simply because it’s silly and fun. I have to say the double page spread fight scenes are some of the best from Marvel as the cartoon style allows for each character to have a sense of personality that they can’t get in more realistic styles. I don’t want to spoil a single moment from this issue but to those who read it I have to say that the Ghost Rider scene was my favourite. I highly recommend this to anyone that thinks the Secret Wars are getting a little too serious.

Red Skull Issue One


When Doom created Battleworld one man opposed him, the Red Skull. After a long and bloody war, Red Skull was banished to a land filled with monsters, robots and zombies. He was left to die. Now images of the Skull are appearing around Battleworld. If that doesn’t make you want to pick this issue up I don’t know what will. Starring some of the biggest bad-asses from the Marvel universe Red Skull Issue One is an action packed story that I adored from start to finish. I highly recommend this to any fans of inglorious bastards.

Secret Wars Issue Four


I wanted to talk about this on Wednesday but due to moving house it became impossible. There’s a lot to unpack but I’ll give you my thoughts quickly here and if I get some spare time in the next week I might do a longer review. Hickman brings the thunder and sets up the next stage of the Secret Wars storyline. Doom proves that he is now a god and has become more powerful than anyone else on Battleworld. In general, the story really kicks in and starts to go down a new path away from the predicable plot that it seemed to be setting up. I am uncertain as to where it will go next but I can guarantee that this Secret War will go down as one of the greatest Marvel events of the last decade. Also a special shout out has to go to Esad Ribic’s stunning artwork throughout which full captures the grandeur of the storyline. I recommend this everyone, it’s the biggest story in comics this year and so is well worth your time.

Ultimate End Issue Three


Marvel promised us a big send off for the Ultimate universe and in Ultimate End they deliver. The action in this book is great but it’s nothing compare to dialog from Brian Michael Bendis’ dialog which really shines throughout the piece. The artwork is really good as well with a lot of big group shots filled with detailed heroes from both universes. Unfortunately, I cannot really recommend this anyone but a fan of the Ultimate Universe but to my Ultimate brothers I say this is the one for you!

X-Tinction Agenda Issue Two


The X-men are going to war, with themselves. X-Tiction Agenda pits the entire X-Family against each other in a brawl that is both action filled and intelligent. We get to see how a well co-ordinated team of mutants can dispatch a horde of trained X-Men. If the piece has a flaw it’s most likely it’s pacing as everything seems a little too chaotic at points and several people I have talked to have had problems following it. I highly recommend it to all fans of the more mutated corners of the Marvel universe.

Years of Future Past Issue Two


I found the first issue a little slow but filled with good ideas, issue two takes those good ideas and creates an intense story built around the themes from the original Days of Future Past storyline. There is still a slight lack of action but writing makes up for it with some brilliant character driven moments. The piece reaches its highest point with a speech from colossus that could be one of the greatest explanations of why hateful jokes can be harmful to society. I highly recommend this to fans of the anything related to the Days of Future Past storyline.

That’s all folks, check back on Monday for another Grr(aphic) Monday and if you have liked today’s breakdown of everything Secret Wars then please share it, tweet it then climb on your roof and scream to the neighbours about it (honestly, it really all helps).

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