What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

Eight titles, one BearSleuth. There have been some fantastic releases from the Marvel bullpen this week and to help you narrow down which ones to scoop up over the weekend, here’s my quick rundown of everything Secret Wars this week.

All Images are screen shots taken from the Marvel Comics app [Accessed 25/06/2015].

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies Issue One

Which is better, robots or zombies, only one way to find out, FIGHT! In all seriousness this is a brilliant first issue. There’s a lot of attention to detail throughout, whether it’s the speech between an alternate universe Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyme or a huge sprawling robots vs zombies battle. It makes for some pretty interesting reading. There is also a thin vein of humour that runs through the piece that has always been present in Marvel Zombies comics that I just adore.

E is for Extinction Issue One

Grant Morrison changed the world of X-Men forever across his New X-Men run. E is for Extinction looks back at the Morrison run and presents a world we that doesn’t need the X-Men anymore. The issue feels a little like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and plays with the same dark themes. The X-Men are presented as impotent and ageing, their powers getting weaker and weaker. The piece is dark but a lot of fun and really worth exploring, especially if you are a fan of Morrison’s run.

The Infinity Gauntlet Issue Two

I loved Issue One of Infinity Gauntlet, instead of starting slow it opened with a dramatic battle to the death between a horde of bugs and a group of survivors. This pays off in issue two as the survivors join the Nova corps and begin to fight back against the wave of bug infestation. There is a lot of catharsis generated with this turn around that makes it a joy to read. The last couple of pages of the issue are a little slow but make sense as they put the work in to set up e rest of the story. I really recommend grabbing this one if you are a big fan of survival drama or the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Korvac Saga Issue One

This is weird, it’s setting up a conflict between the futuristic team Gaurdians 3000 and the Avengers of the Korvac Saga era. Both teams seem very C-List but that also lends them a little more freedom when it comes to drama and story ideas. The idea of the ‘the madness’ caused by a lack of stars in the sky it really interesting and I’m hoping for further exploration into it as the series continues. It’s a little hard to recommend because there are a lot of characters I barely know but if your up for a little H.G Wells-style horror and a bit of political intrigue then it’s worth a read.

Modok Assassin Issue Two

I don’t want Modok to replace Deadpool, I mean, I’m not the merc with a mouth’s biggest fan but at least he had a few good gags, the only thing going for Modok is he wants to kill everything. Frankly, I just can’t suspend my disbelief enough to get into this series. The background cast have some good dialog and there is a set up for a pretty interesting square off in the next few issues but I just feel like any other hero or villain from the Marvel Universe would have been better. I would have even accepted a Howard the Duck storyline of this. I guess I recommend this to Modok fans, but I really hope there aren’t that many.

Planet Hulk Issue Two

Love it, love it, love it! The Planet Hulk saga was one of my favourite Hulk storylines and Captain America is my favourite Marvel hero so blended together it makes for some good reading. However, issue two does have a slight problem in length, there are a lot of big spreads and large panels which make the issue feel short and a bit stumpy. I wouldn’t blame someone for saying ‘nothing happens’ in the issue but there is some really interesting set up and a fun ‘running away scene’. If your a Hulk fan or a Captain America fan give it a whirl anyone else I would recommend waiting for the graphic novel.

Where Monsters Dwell Issue Two

Marvel are striding into the future with a more balanced female presence in their comics and a lot more ethnic diversity. Where Monsters Dwell feels like an exploration of this change as a male fighter pilot and a female survivalist track across a land filled with dinosaurs and every other conceivable form of monster. There is a running debate between ‘the old ways’ and the new which is pretty interesting to read. I really recommend this to everyone as it makes some pretty good points about misogyny and that we all need to be aware of.

X-Men ’92 Issue One

Is there a single eighties or nineties kid that doesn’t love the classic X-Men Saturday morning cartoon show. It was a smart and topical exploration of the X-Men’s vast history. So does the comic live up to the standard of the old series? I would say no, but I went back and looked at this old X-Men series and they’re not quite as good as we like to think they were. The story this time is really interesting as Cassandra Nova gets incorporated into the world of X-Men ’92, if you don’t know her story I won’t spoil it but suffice to say it’s a really odd one to put into this world. My recommendation is you should read this if you are any kind of X-Men fan, it’s a bunch of fun and really worth the slightly larger price tag as it reflects both the quality and length of the piece.

3 thoughts on “What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

  1. I’m glad to hear that Planet Hulk and Infinity Gauntlet are winners for this week. I liked the first issues but was hesitant because they both had weird pacing for me. Infinity Gauntlet was slow paced, then fast and chaotic and then in two panels, everything seems to end somewhat hunky dory. And with Planet Hulk, I was left wanting to know more about what was happening in the Greenland. I did appreciate the origin story at the end with Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho. I can’t wait to finally make it to my comic book store so I can get my stash.


    • Planet Hulk gives you a lot more of the sort of thing I think the fans were hoping for this week. I felt similar about gauntlet, this week the tone really changes to something closer to a post-apocalyptic epic. I would love a full series of gauntlet in a similar style to walking dead. How’s your comicbook collecting going? Have you picked up a lot of Secret Wars? (Sorry it took me so long to reply I’m currently moving house)

      Liked by 1 person

      • My collection is flourishing. I picked up the 8 book run of Convergence. I’m finding a bunch of new stuff over at BOOM. And I am trying to keep up with all the Secret Wars stuff. I didn’t like Armor Wars, but I loved Renew Your Vows and Old Man Logan so far. I am about two weeks behind on my reading because I don’t get to my comic book store as often as I would like to pick up my books. I have considered going to digital so I can get the books sooner.

        Either way, I am loving my return to comics.

        I hope your move is a happy one. And I wish you an absence of bad luck in your endeavors.


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