Big changes for BearSleuth

Today marks the start of a new era for the Sleuth! For a lot of reasons a six posts a week schedule simply doesn’t work. There are days when I have phoned it in, and honestly doing that makes me feel like I’m letting you guys down. The problem is, I have writing jobs to do everyday and so by the time I get to BearSleuth it can become a chore and that is not a good category for anything your passionate about to fall into. Also I want to do more than just write, I want to work on video game ideas and I want to experiment with video making (that’s right I’m a triple threat).

To achieve all this and to make my website a little less eclectic I am going to be putting out four pieces of content every week:

Grr(aphic) Mondays: Every week I have been surprised at the success of these article and I have absolutely no intention of stopping this segment. Grr(aphic) Mondays will be out every Monday and will be an explanation and analysis of techniques used in the medium of graphic novels and comic books. In a less wordy way, this is the place where I will be talking about comics, a lot.

Anything Wednesday: Basically I still want a place where I can talk about what coffee the Avengers drink and how life is a lot like Minecraft so this is the place. Wednesday will be an open slot in which I can talk about anything and everything. I will also be taking requests for Wednesday’s so be sure to follow the Sleuth on Facebook and Twitter!

New Release Friday: Although it is mostly an excuse for me to go buy comic books, this is my rundown of comicbook releases for the week. What to buy and what not to buy, unfortunately at the moment I only have the budget to buy the Marvel Secret Wars titles but I am hoping to expand over the next few months so I can cover EVERYTHING!

The Sleuth on The Screen: Starting the first weekend of July I will be making and posting a BearSleuth video every Sunday evening onto YouTube and on the site in which I will cover a lot of my content from the week as well as my opinions on any other news or items that need to be addressed in a kind of light podcast sort of thing. This is a bit of an experiment for me so please be as patient and supportive as you have always been.

…and that’s all folks! I’m hoping this means I will be able to give all my readers more structure and better content. Please remember to keep liking, sharing and tweets as it all helps. Thank you for all you support and may this be a great new era for the world of the Sleuth.

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