What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

It’s been a slow week for Battleworld with a mere six releases. As always, I have gathered together each release and here are my thoughts and recommendations on each one to help you traverse the minefield of Marvel’s Secret Wars.

All pictures are screenshots taken from the Marvel Comics app. [Accessed 19/06/2015]

Armour Wars Issue 2


I didn’t much enjoy Armour Wars Issue One. Issue Two does pick up slightly from Issue One but it also gives more details about plot. Enough details to reveal that we’re going back down the ‘Ironman is an arrogant and self-centred sod’ route. It was fresh in Civil War but now it’s a track so well trodden it seems like the only path a writer for Ironman can go down. The Armour Wars has some great ideas but I feel by the end of this issue the rest of the series practically writes itself and it’s a dumb story. I can’t really recommend this issue but I suppose a fan of Ironman may enjoy it.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Issue 2

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars is pure brilliance. The original Secret Wars were a large part of Marvel’s history and this call back seems to be a perfect tilt of the hat to long running fans of Marvel. The artwork throughout creates a great connection to the classic popart style from the Secret Wars era as well. The piece also functions as a swan song for Deadpool as it seems he may not be a part of the post-secret wars Marvel Universe. I highly recommend this to any fans of Marvel or Deadpool.

Old Man Logan Issue 2

11301560_10204028419139703_1079150752_nSince my review of the first issue It has been released that Old Man Logan will be joining the Marvel universe permanently, I have mixed feelings about this but if he is written anything like he is in this comic there is no need to worry. Brian Michael Bendis absolutely rocks it here as we see Old Man Logan claw his way across the Marvel universe. The issue looks beautiful from start to finish and it’s a joy to read. My only slight reservation is that it feels a little stumpy as it moves with a very fast pace. I highly recommend this to any fan of Wolverine particularly but also just general comic book readers.

Runaways Issue 1

11541128_10204028418779694_1854988785_nA High school drama with all the young heroes and sidekicks, like Skaar, Bucky and Jubilee, I have to admit I was sceptical. Thors had very put me off with a police drama that seemed badly handled but, Runaways works. There are a lot of clever tweaks to the characters that give them their own personalities and help them function as part of a larger team-bases series. The final reveal of the issue is brilliant as well, although I won’t spoil it here. I highly recommend this to general Marvel fans and anyone who though Sky High was a good idea for a film.

Squadron Sinister Issue 1

11304189_10204028418059676_600289023_nThe Squadron Supreme are the Justice League right? Hyperion is Superman, Nighthawk is Batman, the Whizzer is the Flash…and so on. I’m not quite sure why this property exists and making them villains feels a little too much like Forever Evil for my taste, but once you get past that there is a good issue here. The writing is pretty solid and the artwork leaves little to be desired. My advice, buy this one if you ever wanted to read about an evil Justice League and you didn’t like any of the twenty evil Justice League stories DC have doing the last thirty years.

Thors Issue 1

11541152_10204028417899672_1054532154_nI have already reviewed Thors (which you can read here). I have had time to think about my opinion and I want to point out that there were some good ideas in the issue it just needed a little more personality. I am sure that issue two will change my perspective eventually. Until then I recommend this to Thor fans, particularly Ultimate Thor Fans.

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