BearSleuth Opinion Piece: So Now There’s Like a Hundred of Them…Thors Issue One

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Picture source: Screenshot taken from the Marvel Comic’s App [Accessed 17/06/2015]

This is a tough one for me. I have been quite a big Jason Aaron fan in recent years and have really enjoyed his work on the Thor series. This means not liking Aaron’s newest release, Thors Issue One, puts me in a hard position. I really want to defend it on the few aspects of the plot that really work. The ideas of how the Thor corps work and which Thors take which roles does interest me but there is a lot wrong with this book. The entire piece feels like an episode of CSI were all the characters have been replaced by Chris Hemsworth. The guy might be a good actor but he can only do one personality type.

Every interaction seems to boil down to the same point, each Thor likes to fight and drink a lot but they all have hearts of gold. The only time when the characters break away from this archetype is when they are throw into the default stereotypes of a cop drama. For those who aren’t following Secret Wars, Doctor Doom has remade the world in his image and the Thors are his elite police force. So we have a Thor who plays ‘the old guy’, there’s the standard ‘woman in a mans world’ (although I have to say no one is sexist to her, she is actually persecuted for being a mutant) and even the main character is an officer who is ‘on thin ice’ and has ‘one last chance’. It all reads a bit silly.

I do understand that it’s meant to have the feel of a cop drama but it just doesn’t work for me and comes off as comical instead of mysterious. There are sections that show the true talent of the writer bubbling under the surface and it is my hope that we see this come through more in the next issues. The character of Throg made me laugh but he did play well as comic relief.  I also have to mention that the art style from Chris Sprouse really makes the piece, it’s clear and manages to make each character seem mighty.

The problem is that all the elements of a good story are here, I just want to see less cliché going on and more well thought out story elements. The Thors should have their own original personalities and it is my hope that in the following issues Aaron will continue to build this into a stronger more intriguing piece. I can’t say I recommend this issue, but I can say that it has potential and enough in it to carry you through to the next one. This is strike one for Aaron, he can do better and it’s my hope that with the next issue he will bring the Thunder!

Check back on Friday for my full review of this weeks Secret Wars titles!

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