What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Read This Week?

Due to 1602 Witch Hunter Angela being moved back to this week and several series rapidly getting their second issues this week has been choked full of new Secret Wars releases, which can be pretty tough on your wallet. I have invested in everything Secret Wars this week so I can help you make those all important comic book choices:

All Pictures are screenshots taken from the Marvel Comics app {Accessed 12/06/2015]

Marvel Zombies Issue One by Spurrier and Walker


Simon Spurrier has created a truly kick-ass female protagonist  in this Game-of-Thrones-mixed-with-The-Walking-Dead tale of survival and internal conflict. Else Bloodstone is a descendant of a d-list marvel character who commands a portion of The Shield (essentially the wall from Game of Thrones) but she ends up in the wasteland filled with zombies that the Shield was designed to protect the rest of Battleworld from. The world and character building is done very quickly here in the first couple of pages and the entire issue covers a lot of ground. The art work is also pretty strong throughout. I highly recommend this to most readers but particularly fans of lone survivor films and stories.

Ultimate End Issue Two by Bendis and Bagley


The final storyline in the Ultimate Universe is halfway through and so far it’s got pretty intense. The first issue was very slow but issue two brings the thunder, both literally with the Thors and metaphorically with its fantastic plot. Bendis has put in some serious work looking at the differences between the Ultimate Universe and the mainstream Marvel Universe. Characters die and evolve in the most unexpected ways. I mostly recommend this for Ultimate Universe fans but it’s also a good read for any Marvel fan.

Inferno Issue Two by Hopeless and Garron


I was very supportive of the first issue of Inferno which left me concerned for the second issue, luckily it more than delivers. Inferno seemed like an odd choice for a Secret Wars tie-in but it has proven its self to be more than worth a read. The arc of the characters in even the first two issues has been very interesting and you get the idea that the entire plot is building to a spectacular brawl between mutants, demons and goblins. I think this is one you should consider supporting if you have a bit of spare cash after buying the others.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela Issue One by Bennet and Gillen


Neil Gaiman created a fascinating world when he wrote 1602 several years ago. Since several other writers have attempted to work on series in the same world but none have pulled it off quite so well as Bennet has in this issue. That is not to say it is a touch upon Gaiman’s original work but 1602 Witch Hunter Angela is probably the best thing set in the world since. I think an early reveal involving King James may disappoint some fans of the series but past that the issue works well and keeps an entertaining pace. The preview of issue makes me think it might become something really special so I would name this as one to watch.

Ghost Racers Issue One by Smith and Gedeon


Ever played twisted metal? Are you a fan of Wacky Races? Do you just crave more Nicholas Cage in your life? If you have answered yes to one of these questions, and you have because we all need more Nicholas Cage in our lives, then Ghost Racers might be the one for you. This is an action packed first issue that is sure to get you interested. I can’t help but insist you give it a go, even if you have no idea who the characters are it makes for some pretty blazing action, pardon the pun.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue One by DeConnick and Thompson


Marvel are really pushing Captain Marvel now, I know she is one of their bigger female characters but I find her drier and less complex than a box of biscuits. This might just be me. I hoped that Carol Corps might change my outlook on the character but I’m afraid it hasn’t. The entire piece seems pretty weak and it has failed to grab my attention. This might change as the series goes on but for now I would just leave this issue on the shelf.

Secret Wars Journal Issue Two by Maurer, Spurrier, Smith and Marks


Secret Wars Journal sets out to do two things; flesh out Battleworld and make great stories. On the first point Issue Two absolutely succeeds, it presents two stories that are both varied and give the reader more information about Battleworld. As for great stories, I would say that both stories included in the issue would meet that criteria but in different ways. The first is a lively neon eights action movie whilst the other feels more like a modern character driven sci-fi piece. You need no prior knowledge to read either story so I would recommend this one fairly highly to Marvel newcomers, consider it if you want to further explore Battleworld.

Weirdworld Issue One by Aaron and Mundo


From when information on this title was first released everyone knew it was going to be something special and Jason Aaron seriously delivered with Weirdworld Issue One. The story is epic yet it is told in such a way that the reader feels privy personal journey through a place of danger and beauty. The entire piece made me think of a cross between a Tim Burton landscape and Conan the Barbarian. Special mention has to go to the artwork from Mike Del Mundo which really sells the piece for the reader. I highly recommend this to all fans of fantasy and adventure tales as it requires no prior knowledge.

Mrs Deadpool And The Howling Commandos Issue One by Dugan and Espin


I have to say before I start talking about this that I haven’t followed the recent Marvel Now Deadpool storyline. This issue seems to be an almost ‘What if…’ style storyline which happens to be set in the Battleworld. The issue is funny, but it’s not brilliant and it isn’t quite up to the same standard as the previous Deadpool graphic novels and comic books I have read, mostly the Daniel Way run. I would recommend it to fans of the recent Deadpool series but not to many others.

Secret Wars 2099 Issue Two by David and Sliney


I really didn’t enjoy the first issue in this series but Secret Wars 2099 Issue Two changed my mind. There is a level of complexity added into the plot which simply wasn’t present in the first issue with the character of Captain America. I’m still not entirely sure on where the series is going, although it looks like it’s the Avengers/Defenders War but in the future. I would recommend this series to classic Avengers fans and dystopian sci-fi fans.

Spiderverse Issue Two by Costa and Araujo


Continuing from the action packed first issue of Spiderverse Issue Two starts to build the mystery of the characters and how they came to be. The character of Spiderman Noir gets introduced in this issue and he immediately became a personal favourite. The art in this issue is bold and really gives the entire piece a youthful and vibrant feel. I think the piece suffers a little bit from being a bit of a silly idea written very well, so if you can suspend your disbelief this is the one for you.

Inhumans Attilan Rising Issue Two by Soule and Timms


I ripped into Issue One of Inhumans Attilan Rising but, as seems to have happened with every Issue Two this week, I’m starting to warm to this series. My main problem with it is that it is slow moving but the issue manages a little more action and has some great characters which begin to break out from the piece. The Daredevil, from the 1602 universe, is slowly becoming one of my favourite characters of the Secret Wars saga. If your a fan of the Inhumans or just want a little more Battleworld world building this may be worth picking up.

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