BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Why does Doctor Strange have a battle axe? And why should you care?

Marvel have released two images of the new Marvel Universe coming into play after Secret Wars and there is a lot to talk about. I have covered the Wolverines in my work for Daily News Service but here is a quick rundown of all the other new characters from yesterday’s image and my personal reaction.af5046e9b32c40c6d0b936183a701a6bGoing from left to right:

  • Doctor Spectrum of the Great Society and Hyperion: Honestly, I do not know enough to judge these characters but Spectrum and Hyperion really don’t do much for me. Both have been central characters in Jonathan Hickman’s run of Avengers, but they don’t impress me much. The whole ‘Squadron Supreme’ group is something that I can really do without and I hope they don’t become fan favourite. That being said Nathan Fillion could make a good Hyperion if they ever think of casting.
  • Baron Zemo? Citizen V: This is a character from around the nineties era of Marvel. The idea was that while the super heroes were away a bunch of villains stepped up and took on the role of heroes for their own personal gain. It all ended pretty badly (as it tends to in these matters) but Baron Zemo’s alter ego ‘Citizen V’ was one of the cooler things to come out of the storyline.
  • Rocket Raccoon and The Thing: It’s really good to see that even though Marvel are getting rid of Fantastic Four and the X-Men from their merchandising they are still taking good care of their characters. The new Guardians of the Galaxy look is pretty cool with the black and red. Thing makes a perfect edition to the Guardians team as he has a bunch of space experience from everything with Mr Fantastic. I look forward to seeing these two interact.
  • Karnak, Medusa and the Inhumans: I want it on record right now that I really do not like the idea of the Inhumans replacing or standing in for the X-Men. I think it’s sloppy and it is an obvious grab for the attention of the movie and TV fandom. That being said, Karnak reimagined in street clothes looks pretty damn awesome. Medusa, (and Inferno is it?) look pretty cool so I’m hoping that with a good writer maybe I can be won over.
  • Daredevil: Seeing Frank Miller’s ‘Man Without Fear’ look, is a real treat for the fans. I know that once again it’s a grab for the Netflix TV audience but as a Daredevil fan I can’t help but love it. The interesting point is that it appears Daredevil is hiding his identity again, as recently he has been very open about  being Daredevil. Maybe there is a new man behind the mask, personally I hope not. I think making Daredevil more prominent with Matt Murdock as the Man without fear is the right move and I have every finger I can crossed in hope of some good stories to come.
  • Starlord: It looks like Starlord doesn’t want to go and play with the other Guardians. This could have just been for spacing and symmetry in the picture but I highly doubt it. Starlord isn’t wearing the same uniforms as the rest of his team so it makes sense to say that he is going rogue. After already having his own solo series over the last year it makes perfect sense for him to fly Han style. Solo.
  • Doctor Strange: Ever since the sorcerer supreme lost his rank as the sorcerer supreme he has been getting darker and darker. With the movie only a year and a half away I think it’s fair to expect a Strange solo comic looking at the darker side of the character later this year. With the events of the Secret Wars unfolding it’s possible many heroes may become less trusting of Strange so a darker look and a badass axe seems like a good way to compensate. Even Wizards have mid-life crisis


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