BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Why does the media want more super hero movies?


Picture source: [accessed 4/06/2015].

If you haven’t heard yet there are rumours that the Red Hulk will be in Captain America:Civil War. This makes a lot of sense as it was leaked several weeks ago that the actor who played General Ross in the Incredible Hulk would be in the film. Honestly I really don’t care that much, I know it will look cool if Banner and Ross have an awesome fight, especially in the middle of a full on hero fight, but there has been so many leaks and rumours recently that I think I’m all out of excitement. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

A few weeks ago a friend siddled up to me at a party and said he wished we could all have a break from heroes for a year. A moment of silence away from the constant barrage of super heroes on film, television and across the Internet . But that will never happen. The reason is simple, the media love them. See a normal movie, let’s say the next Tom Cruise flick,  generates a few news stories, announcing the movie and reviewing it, but a super hero movie generates hundreds of stories. 

For example if they where going to do a new Hulk movie the media would report on; who the Hulk is, his best stories, the history of his films, the history of the Avengers, whether we would see any Avengers in his films, who the villian would be, who should play the villian, who should Hulk’s allies be, leaked photos of celebrities on set, how the Hulk film would fit in to other Avengers films and it would go on and on. The worst bit is, I would read every article.

This phenomenon was covered well by Bob Chipman when he was working for the Escapist (Click here to view the original video), it’s basically the idea that comic book movies are set up best for generation X film critics and reviewers to talk about. This isn’t to say that I, a millennial film geek, don’t love comic books and their movies but even I find myself tired of the constant hype train. Sometimes I want to get off, but I never will. I even report and comment on some releases, both here and for Daily News Service, so I cannot claim to be above it. I just implore people in the industry, both film and journalism, to maybe slow down the constant hype train. It can’t and won’t grind to a halt but I just want people to put something out about each super hero film once a month instead of once a week. But wait! The new Spiderman actor is about to be released…oooh who could it be…

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