BearSleuth Opinion Piece: The Marvel Universe has Gone Crooked-Secret Wars Issue Three

Picture source: [accessed 3/06/2015]

Ever read a story and got to that point. Y’Know that point where you see where it’s all going and your a little disappointed. Not enough to stop reading or even to ruin the story just now you know where it’s heading and its lost a bit of its potential. When a story starts it can go anywhere, this is a problem many writers face and it is a craft of infinite possibilities, but as it continues it narrows itself down by following certain troupes or using specific character types. This tends to lead to the moment I’m talking about where you just have to go ‘ugh’ as you realise the book is going to follow a particular troupe and you know it could have gone a different way.

I feel like that opening might have give my opinion away a little, but basically Secret Wars issue three is that ‘ugh’ moment. There’s this huge universe of possibilities being laid out and Marvel have fallen back on the same group of characters. I won’t spoil too much about the issue but the last ten pages tell a little too much about where the story is heading. That being said, the rest of the book is fantastic, the character of Doom is being fully explored in a way which is both philosophical and enjoyable.

The writing, by Jonathan Hickman, throughout is to a very high standard and each character feels unique with their own voice. The writing is complimented well by Esad Ribic’s art and Ivan Svorcina’s colouring which lends the book a dream like quality. I can understand the appeal of using well known characters, but it just disappoints me in such a vibrant and fresh setting. I can highly recommend this book but not as highly as I recommend the the rest of the Secret Wars lines, Old Man Logan, Infinity Gauntlet and Spiderman: Renew Your Vows have all knocked it out the park on day one.

To see what I think of the other Secret Wars Releases check back on Friday!

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