BearSleuth Opinion Piece: What do the other Avengers drink in the morning?

Well it happend, a hundred of you guys out there viewed my post on what the Avengers drink in the morning. I made a promise that once that happened I would write this article and I’m a man of my word so here is a run down of what all the other Avengers from Age of Ultron buy on their way to Avenger’s Tower in the morning:

James Rhodes/Warmachine: Coffee, just a normal coffee with a couple of sugars. Rhodes has been in the military most of his life so it makes sense that he probably isn’t that fussy about his morning beverage. If pushed he might have a preference on suger but that’s probably it. He’s chilled out and ready to stand up and fight with or without his drink of choice.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch: Hot Vodka, this was a very tricky one. I think after the events of Age of Ultron Wanda might need a little confidence boost in the morning before going off and being a heroe. Warm or hot Vodka is quite a common drink in some parts of Europe so it may also remind Wanda of home.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver: Redbull mixed with Monster mixed with Rockstar blended by hand. Pietro needs calories to burn and needs them throughout the day, a super hit of sugar would get him ready to kick ass but he may need to follow it up with some healthy alternatives. I really like the idea of him mixing the drink with his fingers at super speed as a way of showing off to the other Avengers.

Nick Fury: Irish Coffee. Fury can have whatever the heck he wants as the leader of SHEILD and a little whiskey in his coffee would wake him up and get him ready for action. I would guess both the whiskey and the coffee would be to a gourmet standard as Fury appreciates the finer things in life. I imagine him joking with Stark about being a corporate slave.

Sam Wilson/Falcon: Green Machine Naked Smoothie. Before going for a run around Manhatten Sam needs his vitimins. I think maybe Steve wakes Sam up after he’s done a few laps already just rub it in a little.

The Vision: Custard. He’s trying learn about the human race and might occaisionally make the odd mistake upon the path to enlightenment. I like to think maybe he’s watched the first episode of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who and has decided to try a bit of fish fingers and custard.

So that’s that…or is it? Maybe I’ll dust this off again when Captain America Civil War comes out, check back tomorrow for another great bearticle.

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