What Marvel Secret Wars Comics Should You Buy This Week?

This week in Marvel releases has been one of the most varied and interesting in the companies history as they have released stories set around several different characters and storylines from the publishing companies past and present. I’m going to give a quick run down of the releases and what you should be buying this week in comics.

Old Man Logan #1

When the original Old Man Logan run written by Mark Miller broke out onto the scene it was met with both public and critical acclaim. The basic premise of the original run was a future in which the heroes have all but died out and Wolverine killed the X-Men in a fit of blind rage brought on by a group of super villains. In this continuation of the storyline Brain Michael Bendis has stepped in and crafted a brand new narrative which is simply stunning. This novel can be given my highest recommendation and for under £4 in forbidden planet it’s a steal.

Where Monsters Dwell #1

This one is pretty weird. It’s a jump back to the adventure comics of the silver and golden age of comic books. The comicbook is pretty fun as it follows the journey of an ace pilot and his ditsy female travelling companion who turns out to be a little more than she seems. There is an underlying theme of outdated morals and gender roles being challenged which is a positive message but it does seem a little token. If you’ve ever been a fan of classic comics I recommend this but apart from that I would leave this one and save your money.

Secret wars journal #1

Like the idea of a Marvel mish-mash? Want to see characters thrown into strange settings and alternate timelines? Then this is the book to get. The journal is a companion to Secret Wars giving snapshots into all the various territories. It pretty interesting and the first issue jumps straight into Neil Gaiman’s 1602 reality which is a real treat to see. I would recommend this book to any Marvel comics fan although you may need to do a bit of googling to get the full picture as there are some obscure references.

Inferno #1

I have never read the X-Men Inferno saga, it always seemed a bit odd to me to mix mutants and demons but this book turned out to be pretty fun. I’m a big X-Men fan and the team in this includes some of the all time greats. Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Collosaus are the big named X-Men here, but there are a lot of appearances from some of the lesser known team members. The story is quite interesting and there’s a great twist on the last page. I would recommend this to X-Men fans mostly, but if you have some spare cash picking this one up wouldn’t be a mistake.

Infinity Gauntet #1

Walking Dead meets the Eight Legged Freaks in this bug infested survival story. There are a lot of references to the space based Marvel characters in this brilliant new series which follows a group of survivors  living in a bug infested waste land. Then one of them finds an infinity gem and everything changes. I recommend getting this to everyone as it is simply a fantastic piece of story telling.

Inhuman Attilan Rising #1

The opening to this story is maybe of the best so far in the Secret Wars books but that doesn’t save this from being one boring book past the midpoint. There’s far too much set up and no pay off in this first issue which looks an area of battle world ruled by the Inhumans. I can’t really recommend this one unless your a huge inhuman fan but even then I would wait for the graphic novel.

MODOK Assassin #1

So it seems like MODOK has taken over from Deadpool as the crazy weird fan favourite for Marvel and I can’t really seem why. Yes, he is goofy and yes, the fact he always wants kill and isn’t very good at it can be funny, but after the fifth or six time the joke is made it falls flat. There is some very good world building in this issue but that is about all that really sells me on it. I would recommend this to MODOK fans and pretty much no one else.

2099 #1

There isn’t a lot to say here, it’s the Avengers/Defenders war storyline but set in the future. Fun and some nice nods to other storylines and the 2099 setting but so far there is nothing that wowed me. It suffered with the same problem as Inhumans did with the lack of pay off and boring expositions. I would recommend only to fans of futuristic settings.

…and that’s it! Go get Old Man Logan and Infinity Gauntlet while supplies last and come back on Monday to read Grr(aphic) Mondays!

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