BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Tony Stark Drinks Starbucks Coffee, but What Does Banner Drink?

We all have a drink we go for in the morning that gets us out of bed and ready for work right? That little kick of sugar, caffine or vitimins that gets us all going. For me its a skinny chai tea latte with soy but it’s different for everyone, which got me thinking. What do the Avengers drink in the morning? What does Tony Stark pick up on his way to Avengers Tower? So here is a run down of all the Avengers Assemble team and what I am hoping would be their drinks of choice:

Tony Stark/Ironman: Starbucks Venti Espresso in a to-go cup. Walking into work with a Starbucks coffee nowadays has become a symbol of creativity and business. It shows you’ve jumped out of bed early enough to brave the morning rush of coffee zombies and come out victorious. The caffine kick would be everything Tony needs for a morning working on his newest armour protocols.

Steve Rogers/Captain America: Orange Juice. Rogers probably is the first to rise in the Avengers Tower, most likely to do a hundred press-ups followed by a three mile jog, and after that he’d get a healthy breakfast of steak and eggs with a huge glass of OJ.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers squeezed the oranges himself just for the pride of making the brekfast himself from scratch.

Bruce Banner/Hulk: Probably nothing or a small cup of camomile tea. Bruce is constantly working on theorys and formulea so I doubt he really sleeps, not much atleast. On an average day in th Avengers tower I imagine the team are having breckfast and Bruce just walks in saying ‘What day is it?’. On the off chance he’s chilled out and has a good nights sleep I reckon he would wake up slow with some camomile.

Thor/Thor: Warm Mead. Every day is a day for revals! When your the God of Thunder its important to deal with the drinking from the night before with a bit of hair of the dog. Although, after a year I think Tony and Thor would have to have a long talk about the amount of cups Thor breaks when asking for a ‘ANOTHER’.

Natasha Romanova/Black Widow: Coffee, black. Natasha does not F@&K around! She wants to get straight to bussiness and into the fight. Keeping up with a bunch of gods and monsters means she needs a caffine fix that will stick and get her into the game nice and quick. Maybe occaisionally Tony picks her up a coffee on his morning run.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: A flask of tea. For those who haven’t seen Age of Ultron I won’t spoil the twist but surfice to say there is someone out there to provide Hawkeye with a flask of tea. I like to think he has a little lunch box he brings along with him for when he goes avenging with a little arrow on it. The other Avenger’s might make fun of it but every time he takes a swig of tea I think he would have a little smile to himself.

…And if you want to know what the new Avengers introduced in Age of Ultron would have in the morning share this article, when it reaches a hundred views I will release part two!

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