BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Bilbo Baggins and the joy of Walking

Today I went for a walk. A bloody-long leg-breaking sweat-inducing fourteen mile walk. It was brilliant. But why? I mean, I’m sat in a pub right now with one of my best mates feeling pretty awesome. I feel like I achieved something today. I woke up, looked out across Winchester and pointed to a hill in the distance. ‘We’re going there’ I announced, and then we did. We got to the top of the hill and then we looked out, there was the entirety of Winchester layed out in front of us and we saw a pub…’We’re going there’ we announced and then we did. It felt like an adventure, it felt like a quest, it felt like we were Bilbo Baggins.

Walking is something most people can do which is free and makes for a good bit of exercise. With a mate, it can be bonding like your Bilbo Baggins with a bunch of dwarves heading to a misty mountain. On your own it’s almost a form of physical meditation, allowing you time to muse to yourself about whatever you fancy, much like Bilbo Baggins traveling to Rivendale as an older hobbit. The point is at the end of the day; Bilbo got right. So take this as a recommendation to go out today for a walk or tomorrow or whenever, do it alone or with a mate, put some headphones on if you fancy and make sure that at some point along the way there is a pint waiting for you.



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