BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Oh I do like to be beside the sea…

One of my favourite scenes from the X-Men franchise is that moment from the very first film where Senator Kelly has become a mutant and he walks out of the sea on a typical American beach. It’s a brilliant call back to the history of human evolution. Point is; we all came from the sea. The great thing about the sea, or rivers or lakes, is that there is a sense of home that comes from being near it. This is an instinctual thing that comes from way back in our collective genetic origins but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it to our advantage.

Why do movies like Jaws scare us? Simply put; when we enter the water, we are no longer apex predators and are instead part of the food chain. Us apes are not that good in water and yet we love it, I mean really love it. Millions of people every year visit beaches around the world to have an ice cream and a paddle in the water. This is because of this primal instinct to be near the water. I say give into, wait for a really sunny day then charge for the water because without the crazy little idiosyncasyities that are our instincts we are nothing but robots, and they can’t swim.

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