BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Secret Wars Issue Number Two-Mild spoiler warning!

Alternate realities sure are wizard! The Marvel multiverse, which dates back to the very origins of the company, has had its fair share of successes. From Secret Wars back in the eighties to the critically acclaimed 1602 and even looking at weird ideas like the marvel babies, the multiverse has always been a place for the weird and wonderful and for a long time it was the only place where you got to see heroes interacting with each other in explosive and epic ways. Then came the summer block busters, short may-released mini-series that were open for tie-ins and involved threats to the whole Marvel universe. In both cases Secret Wars was an early success short and so it makes sense that as the multiverse dies and is rekindled into something new that we revisit the thirty years old title.

So last issue everything came to an end, It was huge and interesting and now it’s over. The Marvel universe is out of the picture but in its place stands battle world. In the issue released today, we are presented with the world from the perspective of a new initiate into the ‘Thor police’ (I’m sure they do actually have a cooler name that that) who has little knowledge of the battle world. As the issue progresses its plain to see that Marvel have considered every major cross over, alternate time line and summer blockbuster and have thrown them all into a blender to form battleworld. It sounds dumb on paper, but a combination of Esad Ribic’s art and Jonathan Hickman’s writing work hard to sell the idea and it pays off.

There isn’t much of a major story forming yet, save some intrigue involving elements of the world which do not belong, as the issue is all about world building. The set up is done well with a short narrative about a dispute between two regions and by the end of it I had a really strong grasp on how the world worked. When all is said and done its a great issue two and makes me want to read the third one as soon as I put it down. I really recommend you go out and buy it if you have a bit of cash spare and are interested in the marvel universe. But please whatever you do do not ask me to explain convergence.

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