BearSleuth Opinion Piece: HOLY WORK ETHICS BATMAN!

Why is Batman a successful crime fighter? well despite the fact that he is fictional, Batman is successful because he has an amazing work ethic, and we can learn from it. Batman is always prepared. No matter what, he has a gadget or gizmo he has worked up in his cave with Alfred to deal any threat he might come across. This isn’t just a good tactic for fighting psychotic clowns and killer crocodile mutants, but its also good for dealing with unexpected situations in our day to day lives. The amount of problems you can solve with some preparation and preplanning are insurmountable. 

Batman is also a researcher. He knows a little bit about everything so he is surprised by nothing, this in turn is a good practice for everyone. With services like Wikipedia and many online resources there is no excuse nowadays not to get clued up. Preparation and Knowledge are the cornerstones of Batman’s ability to fight crime but where does he go wrong? What mistakes does Batman make in his role as a crime fighter?

How to break the Batman

Now let’s be super villains, how do we defeat Batman? The key does not lay with sabotaging the Bat-Shark spray, but instead with his allies. Batman trusts no one. He micromanages and so struggles by being one man. Don’t get me wrong, he does have allies. There is Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Batgirl and Huntress but none of them fully trust the man behind the cowl and he doesn’t trust them. To defeat the Batman would involve a scheme to discredit him from his allies and ultimately make him ineffectual as just a single crime fighter without a network of allies. The point of today’s sermon is that work ethic is important but so is delegation and trust. No man is an island but some men, like Bruce Wayne, do own islands.

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