BearSleuth Opinion Piece: Even if Britains Not Left Wing There’s Still a Place For You With The X-Men

Britain has spoken! With a bright new day comes the clarion call of the conservatives and the right wing, today is their day. That’s okay though, to my left wing friends I say let them have this one, why? Because we are X-Men. This might sound a little strange but I truly believe that the Liberal Democrat and Green Party supporters are the closest thing we will ever see to the X-Men as they are the next step in political evolution in a country that hates and fears them. Our mutant power is intelligence and foresight, two of the most intimidating and historically damning abilities for any creature to possess. Take the Spanish Inquisition (just like Neil Gaiman did when he wrote 1602), the entire movement was an effort to control a growing enlightened population. Another example comes from less than half a century ago in the era of McCarthyism. The American government used a rising fear of Communism as an excuse to punish the intelligent and left wing figure heads in their own country. The list of examples could go on and on but the real question is, what should we do now in as the outcasts in British society.

The path of Xavier

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, real world reflections of Professor Xavier and Magneto. Intelligent men who chose between the path to peace and the path to war. So which path do we take now as the next generation of enlightened and intelligent thinkers, citizens and voters? The path of violence, turning our abilities into weapons to use against the right wing? No. Of course not. What we need to do is lead by example. If you are intelligent you need to let your brilliance shine. If you are a supporter of paying taxes now is the time to pay your taxes.  If you support idea that everyone should get a basic amount of support from the government now is the time to show your support. And, if you can shoot beams out your eyes, now is the time to find a visor and channel your ability into something useful. Now is the time to act.

Activating X-Genes

Being pro-active is hard. Just look at the fictional example of the X-Men, who are in a constant struggle as they try to find peace in the world. But there is something that we are able to do that the X-Men can’t. We can activate each others abilities. If you go out into the world today and start showing those who believe in and support the right wing that we can work in a world without elitism and classism slowly they will begin to spread the word. If you go out and help support those who are looking to get an education and better themselves eventually those people will go on to help others get an education and better themselves. This isn’t some naïve belief. This is how we as a race progress, when we are presented with a way of achieving a better outcome we pursue that new methodology. So to me my X-Men and remember to use your powers wisely.

Picture source: [accessed 8/5/2015]

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